The Tennessee Aquatic Project and Development Group, Inc., is a youth based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit

Tennessee Aquatic Project

Development Group inc.

First We Learn!

1/17/15 1st Cleanup

3/14/15 2nd Cleanup

5/9/15 1st Major Cleanup / 8 am

7/11/15 3rd Cleanup

9/11/15 4th Cleanup

10/17/15 2nd Major Cleanup , 8 am

11/14/15 5th Cleanup

12/10/15 6th Cleanup

2/13/16 7th Cleanup

4/9/16 8th Cleanup

5/14/16 3rd Major Cleanup, 8 am

6/11/16 9th Cleanup

8/13/16 10th Cleanup

10/8/16 4th Major Cleanup ,8 am

12/10/16 11th Cleanup

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Cleanup Dates

Tennessee Aquatic Project would like to thank for taken the time

To sign up to volunteer on May 9 2015 for our Whites Creek clean

Up at Hartman Park waterways and shorelines throughout the year to remove harmful trash and debris.