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Cleaning Up Whites Creek

In the summer of 2014 we met some young people who are very serious about clean water. They are members of the Tennessee Aquatic Project, a group that connects kids with the outdoors through activities that almost always involve water. One of those projects involved helping the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association build some access points on Whites Creek in Nashville. When the access points were finished the kids put them to use, going for a celebratory paddle down the creek. Along the way they saw lots of trash and a sign warning them to stay out of the water, which motivated them to adopt the stream and work to clean it up. Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us out to a creek that is much cleaner now, thanks to the hard work of the kids and many others.

Tennessee Aquatic Project  adopted Whites Creek

Avoid swimming , wading , or  fishing  in these waters

Members of the Tennessee Aquatic project spent last year cleaning up and  helping to preserve the Whites Creek watershed. At TAP we spend a lot of our time doing community service and educating youth about the oceans and how it is our responsibility to maintain them. Well lately we went through a series of short seminars taught to us by the amazing marine biologist ,Savannah Williams who opened our eyes and inspired us to look out our own back door. From this, TAP’s efforts to clean up the Whites Creek watershed began. When we first went into the creek to start cleaning we found things that we thought weren’t even possible such as: tires, bathtubs, pools, etc. after seeing such a sight we didn’t think things could be worse until we ventured further down the creek a little more were we found a sign. The sign told everyone to stay out, that the water was too contaminated to enter or fish. This propelled us to take a stand and bring attention to the problems that needed fixing. We immediately started bringing public awareness to the pollution and recruiting more eager people to join us in our cause. We took kayak trips on the creek and came out with boat loads of trash. After many walks along the creek and many trips kayaking down and hours spent picking up trash TAP achieved our goal. We had finally brought enough attention to our cause that the city finally finished a pumping to filter the water. With this pump in play it was finally time for the sign to come down. For the TAP youth helping the planet is priority number one so being a part of something big like this is a real sense of accomplishment and gives us all a drive to keep working to protect the Earth’s waters for future generations.

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