The Tennessee Aquatic Project and Development Group, Inc., is a youth based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit

Tennessee Aquatic Project

Development Group inc.

First We Learn!

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TAP Gallery

Thank you for visiting our gallery.  The photos below are all pictures from different components of TAP. TAP has five components, which are aquatic, community service, wilderness training, education, and travel.You too can venture out and join in on the thrill of a lifetime!

What ?

 Community Service:  The “Global ReLeaf” program is one of many community service activities that TAP`s members participate in so that we better our communities.  The “Global Releaf” project is also known as the “Community Releaf” program.  Releaf is a yearly tree planting program for environmental restoration.

If you love aquatics, or ready for a new adventure TAP offers youth a chance to learn how to swim, snorkel and scuba dive.

Wilderness training is a component of TAP. Wilderness training provides survival skills, natural awareness, understanding and appreciations of nature, and our community.

See into the Depths

Are you interested in the undersea world? Looking for a new adventure?   Aquatic and Travel is two out of five components of TAP.   Be ready to enjoy the new challenges, travel, and dive into a new world!