The Tennessee Aquatic Project and Development Group, Inc., is a youth based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit

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Prior to the National Association Of Black Scuba Diver (NABS) summit in the fall of 2012 , in key Largo, Florida, the NABS Foundation Forwarded an announcement soliciting diver to participate in two day seminar sponsored by the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) . At the time I was not fully aware of what the program involved, but after reading more on the program I thought it sounded interesting and decided to sign up. After the conclusion of the two day session I wanted to do more , and became convinced that many others would want to help as well.

Coral ?

 Be part of the  experience to help us to help the future of  out  sea and ocean

The coral  restoration project is one the best rewarding dive you can give yourself ...

Iemail us for dive information

Coral Restoration

 Who is the Coral Restoration Foundation

  In 2004 , Kenneth Nedimyer  founded the CRF. Ken was a private citizen who worked the ocean for a   living. Over the year he  watched the swift decline of the Elkhorn and Stag horn coral population   around the Florida Keys and recognized the serious problem that it has became. Though   experimentation, and a 4H project that he helped his daughter to conduct,  Ken learned that he could   successfully regrown  Elkhorn, and Stag horn coral.  From those efforts the non-profit Coral   Restoration Foundation (CRF) was created.

The Coral Restoration Foundation’s education program blends classroom instruction with field-based work in the offshore coral nursery and restoration sites on local reefs. These land- and field- based programs provide opportunities and encourage hands-on learning experiences through a One Day Nursery Program and a Two to Tree Day Restoration Program. As part of each program, CRF gives PowerPoint lectures, hands-on demonstrations, and video presentations that provide a background and context for students and adult volunteers. CRF staff also regularly give presentations to local and regional groups including dive clubs, civic groups, marine-aquarium clubs, school groups, and marine-resource managers.

What to Expect

 Learn the environmental effects that currently threaten the worlds coral reefs

 Learn the techniques for establishing and maintaining a coral nursery

 Learn the techniques for harvesting and replanting Elkhorn and Staghorn coral

         A sense of accomplishment when helping to replenish endangered coral reefs

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